A Message from the President
Atsunori Kawabata, President
JFE Rail Link Co., Ltd.
In October 2012, JFE Rail Link Co., Ltd. was spun off from JFE Engineering Corporation and began business as an independent company specializing in rail welding. This business began with welding of long rails in the construction of the Tokaido Shinkansen – Japan’s original “bullet train” – in 1963. For more than half a century, we have been actively involved in the construction and maintenance work of new Shinkansen lines, conventional rail lines and private rail lines throughout Japan. Even today, we have a strong sense of our mission of working in the background to support the operation of Japan’s railway system, which is the most punctual and convenient in the world, and we are continuing to provide reliability welding quality every day. At the same time, we have also developed innovative new welding technologies, such as flash-butt welding and semi-automatic enclosed arc welding, as a pioneer in welding technology.
In the future, we will continue to meet the expectations of our customers by contributing to railway projects, in Japan and around the world, by providing safe work and reliable quality as the core principles of our business.